5 ways to beat your salon competition on Instagram

Over recent years, Instagram has grown into a powerhouse in terms of social media and what it can do for any business, in particular hair and beauty salons which operate in a deeply visual industry.

Growing your following and increasing your engagement is key, especially in relation to attracting new clients into your salon rather than your competitor down the road. But how can you make the difference and ensure that your social media brings people through your door? Read on for five tips based on the most up-to-date Instagram practices used by the most successful brands.

Consistency is key

Just like the hair that you create daily, consistency in your Instagram feed is equally important. You want to make sure you are showing your best work with flattering angles of your clients on a minimal background.

  • Try not to use photos of your clients in the chair. Stand your clients up and position them in front of a light-coloured wall with minimal distractions. You can also purchase a ring light at a small cost to enhance the quality of the lighting
  • Think about the finish of the hair before you take that ‘camera ready’ shot, your final image needs to look polished with hair you would be proud to wear yourself
  • Try and get your clients to smile! It makes all the difference!
  • Keep your personal life for your personal Instagram. Part of being consistent is keeping your feed focused on hair and not what you had for lunch!
  • Before and after pictures work very well as they show how skilful you are as a salon and potential clients love to see hair transformations

Use video

Video is one of the top performing mediums on both Instagram and Facebook so be sure to switch up your feed by mixing in video whenever you get a chance.

  • Videos are great especially short, snappy ones – Be creative with your videos, they might be your client running their fingers through their new hairstyle or it might be the stylist lifting up sections of the hair to show colour or a new haircut
  • Add slow-mo or time-lapse videos to show off your work and create a bit of theatre at the same time

Tag appropriately

Tagging brands that you use and magazines or publications you admire or want to be featured in will bring more views of your content. By tagging both photos and videos with relevant accounts you’ll get more eyes on your beautiful work. Aside from just tagging brands, be sure to hashtag as well. Hashtags are the easiest way to get more traction – It’s important to carry out research on relevant and local hashtags that may be more applicable to your salon. We recommend that you use the full quota of 30 hashtags which Instagram allows, but make a point of using some hashtags relevant to the actual image you are posting. When researching hashtags think about what potential new clients would search for if they wanted to find a new salon or a specific hair cut or colour.

Comment & Like

By commenting and liking fellow stylist’s and relevant publication’s work you’ll be able to create bonds within the Instagram community. Whenever you get the chance, spend time following, friending, liking and commenting on content relevant to your market. It is essential that you regularly look at your Instagram feed and interact with your followers and indeed who you are following.

Use Your Stories!

Instagram loves stories and so do your clients. Instagram stories have become one of the best ways to get your current audience and new eyes on your feed. These 15-second snaps can be about your process to get the perfect finish, about your go-to products or tips and tricks for your clients to use at home. Give your audience as many reasons as possible to follow you and engage with your work.

And finally…

There are a lot of powerful tips in this article, so please don’t get overwhelmed. Try one tip today and see how you get on, then build from there. If it’s all too much, HairUncut can help by managing your social media for you. This will ensure that your social media is on point, brings you new clients and, most importantly, frees you up to manage your salon. Get in touch for a no obligation chat and we promise to give you some great tips too!

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